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iBoy, Book Trailer

11 Dec


The Gun, Review

8 Sep

The Gun by Paul Langan

Plot: Tyray is the typical school bully – he takes lunch money, threatens other students, and generally wants to be seen as a tough guy. This behavior is learned from growing up in a house with an abusive father. Tyray’s reputation at school is challenged when Darrell Mercer, a new student, stands up to Tyray, resulting in Tyray breaking his arm (which is a physical reminder of him being challenged). Tyray dislikes how little respect he gets from classmates, despite the positive attention he receives from Lark (who would be his girlfriend, but Tyray abuses her trust, much like his father does with his mother). In order to regain his status as the toughest guy in school, Tyray believes he needs a gun, despite knowing that this is exactly what landed his brother in prison.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, though I would not read any others in the Bluford series myself. It is, however, a good example of typical urban fiction.

3 stars


Sway, Review

23 Mar

Sway by Kat Spears

Plot: Jesse (aka Sway–but don’t call him that to his face) is a guy who is able to give people what they want. Whether they need a term paper written, alcohol, a date, or whatever, Jesse has the connections to get the job done–for a fee of course. But what happens when a girl he is trying to win over for another guy starts to get under his skin, and he wants better for her than the person he is trying to set her up with?

Would you recommend this book? Yes, for older teens. This book includes language, alcohol, drugs, violence and other topics that will not be appropriate for a younger audience. However, if you are a bit older, it was an entertaining read.

Jesse’s interactions with other characters, particularly Pete and Mr. Dunkelman, sometimes made me laugh out loud. Sure, the whole concept that Jesse has connections to everything did seem a little far-fetched, but at the same time I think the plot could exist at a high school or college somewhere, if somebody were savvy enough to build himself or herself up with that reputation. But whether you believe in the credibility of the plot or not, it was entertaining all the same, while still touching upon a few deeper issues such as a drug overdose and people who are physically handicapped.

4 stars


The Eleventh Plague, Review

20 Oct

The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

Plot: This book is about a world that was wrecked by a virus with a name shortened to P11, or the Eleventh Plague. In the beginning of the book I was under the impression that this took place a few years ago, but I came to realize later that the it happened before the main character Stephen (a young teenager) was even born.He and his dad are Salvagers, people who are on the move, taking whatever they can to survive and try to find a better life somewhere.

When an accident befalls Stephen’s dad, he meets up with another group of people and must decide whether or not to trust them and go with them to their town. This book is about learning to trust, deciding whether to settle down or keep moving, and survival.

Would you recommend this book? Yes and no. At the same time that it was a quick read and somewhat entertaining, I felt like the book began right in the middle without enough explanation of what was going on, and this plot is being done so much lately that authors really need to come up with something new to make readers want to pick up the book.

3 stars



A Child Called It, Review

27 May

A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

Plot: This book is about a child who is not treated like any children that we know of. His mom abuses him and even stabbed him once. She makes him live in the garage and sometimes doesn’t feed him.

I disliked how his mom treats him. It isn’t fair.

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

5 stars


But I Love Him, Book Trailer

14 Jan