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Teens’ Top Ten Nominations Have Been Announced!

27 Apr

Each year, nominations are posted for the top ten books published for teens in the previous year. These books are nominated, voted on, and chosen ONLY by teens. Then the winners are announced during Teen Read Week in the Fall, which is October 13-19 this year.

What you’re being asked to do is read from the list of 28 books and then vote for your favorites sometime between August 15 and September 15. That gives you plenty of time to start reading, and don’t worry, we’ll give you lots of reminders, book reviews from titles on the list, and book trailers as well.

We would also love it if you would share your reviews with us as you work your way through the list. Visit our submissions page to let others know what you think.

Check out the titles here and happy reading!

Teen Read Week is Over!

22 Oct

Teen Read Week is over, but today will be your last chance to get yourself entered to win a cool prize like a signed copy of a popular book. You have a few different ways to enter…answer a poll from last week, write a comment to answer a question or comment on any of the posts last week, OR submit a photo of your carved or decorated pumpkin! It only takes a minute to read a poll and answer the question 🙂 We hope you read a great book last week, watched a great movie…or at least got some good ideas for what you want to add to your pile!

It Came From the Library…TRW Begins

15 Oct

Teen Read Week has begun! Check back throughout the week for chances to win prizes such as a signed copy of a popular teen book. Later we will be posting the winning titles for the 2012 Teens’ Top Ten list. To kick things off, with Halloween right around the corner, we invite you to submit a photo of your carved, painted, or otherwise decorated pumpkin, for a chance to be entered to win a prize! Be as creative as you want to be!

Teen Tech Week 2012: Geek Out!

10 Mar

In honor of Teen Tech Week this year, take a moment to think about how much technology has changed over the years, even just since last year. How many pieces of “older” technology do you still own/have in your household?

Examples: toaster, typewriter, tv without a flat screen, computer without a flat screen, a telephone that is not cordless, a radio, VCR, walkman, etc.

Compare that to how many of the latest gadgets you have, such as a cell phone, flat screen tv, flat screen computer monitor, laptop, toaster oven, mp3 player or any other portable music playing device, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Kindle or any other type of e-reader, GPS,  Wii or any other type of video game system, etc.

Remember when you had to write in a diary instead of on your blog? Why not send us a book review to post on OUR blog? Whether you loved, liked or hated a particular book, we would love to hear from you! Visit our submissions page to send it over!

Welcome to our blog!

27 Sep

Congratulations on your curiosity! If you are reading this, you most likely arrived here because you scanned a QR code you found in Lower Macungie Library’s teen section or even inside one of our books. (Or maybe you just happen to be reading the blog anyway, which is awesome as well!)

On our blog you can find book reviews, book trailers, photography and artwork, contests, library information, tips on how to use the library’s online resources, and more.

We would love to post your submissions rather than our own! Click here to go to our submissions page. Feel free to comment on our posts as well. Bookmark this page or use the widgets on the side to subscribe, and check back for new stuff weekly! We hope to hear from you soon!

Send us your reviews!

11 May

Have you read a book lately that you loved, hated, or anything in between? Were you forced to read something for school that you never would have picked up on your own?  If so, then we want to hear from you! Send us your book reviews so we can share your thoughts with others. You can also comment on the book reviews we have already posted and let us know nicely if you agree with the review 🙂

Visit our submissions page to send us your material:

Submissions, Please?

28 Feb

Check out our new Submissions page! Book reviews, pick a few songs that fit your favorite book, or if you write (poetry, short stories, whatever!) take pictures, make videos or do some other form of art that we can work onto the blog, we’d love to hear from you!