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Unforgiven, Book Trailer

4 Dec


L8r, g8r, Review

23 Nov

L8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle

Plot: This is the third book in a series following three friends through their high school career. This book takes place in the second half of the girls’ senior year, and chronicles their lives through texts and IMs. The girls chat about boyfriends, school, college applications, parents, and their ongoing confrontations with classmate Jana. There are frank discussions about sex, birth control, and drug/alcohol use, which is why this book (and the others in the series) are frequently challenged books. The beauty of this book is the “nothingness” that seems to happen – it’s just a bunch of friends talking about their lives. But the reader can appreciate how interesting and important these every day events can be. I was reminded of high school with my friends, when a good bit of gossip could stop the world in its tracks, and a taking a relationship to a new level was the most important thing to happen – ever.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, but for older teens, since it had a lot of mature themes.

4 stars


The Casquette Girls, Book Trailer

20 Nov

The Queen of Zombie Hearts, Book Trailer

16 Oct

Mark of the Thief, Book Trailer

2 Oct

The Dead, Book Trailer

21 Aug

Redwall: The Graphic Novel, Review

10 Aug

Redwall: The Graphic Novel by Brian Jacques

Plot: This is the story of Redwall in a graphic format. The story follows the young mouse Matthias on his journey to become a warrior and protector of the Redwall Abbey. The story follows classic journey format, with the likeable, young protagonist leaving on an epic quest. He receives help from unlikely friends as well as spirits from the past, all of whom contribute to Matthias’s success in saving the Redwall Abbey from the evil Cluny. The illustrations are done as pencil sketch style, and the characters’ faces are quite expressive. The text is kept simple, but tells a complete story (with the help of the illustrations).

Would you recommend this book? Yes and no. I personally find the graphic novel format a bit distracting to read. The panels are sometimes difficult to read in order, and the large amount of illustrations on each page seem to jumble together too much for me. While I personally would rather read a text-only version, I can see the appeal of the graphic novel to other readers.

3 stars