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Stand-Off, Review

24 May

Stand-Off by Andrew Smith

Plot: This is the sequel to Winger. Ryan Dean is now a fifteen year old senior at Pine Mountain Boarding School. He is seeing how his relationship progresses with Annie Altman, as well as dealing with some leftover issues with Seanie and JP from the last year. A major hurdle Ryan Dean runs into is his new roommate Sam Abernathy. Sam is a twelve year old freshman with extreme claustrophobia, an addiction to microwave popcorn and the cooking channel, and seemingly no sense of how he is viewed by those around him.

There are also some serious changes on the rugby team after Joey’s absence that are hard for Ryan Dean to handle. Enter a chance meeting between him and Joey’s family that leaves Ryan Dean trying to connect with Joey’s younger brother Nico, short for Dominic. Ryan Dean also wonders what Joey may have wanted to tell him shortly before his passing, and whether or not he had told Nico.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, for older teens due to language and mature themes. The tone of the book was a little different than the first one. Ryan Dean had lost some of his young, innocent humor and was a bit more jaded and downright mean at times. However, there were still parts that made me laugh out loud, and it was nice to see some loose ends tied up.

4 stars



Road Rash, Book Trailer

4 Sep

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7 May

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20 Mar

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11 Apr

Walk Two Moons, Review

26 Aug

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Plot: Salamanca Hiddle and Gram and Gramps Hiddle are taking a cross-country trip to Idaho to hopefuly see her mom. For entertainment, Sal tells to story of Phoebe Winterbottom. When something terrible happens, they set off to find something special to them.

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

5 stars


The Disenchantments, Book Trailer

20 Jan