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Summer Reading

27 Jun

If you have required summer reading, I would suggest coming in soon to see what’s available and possibly place a hold on a book or two. Teens have been coming in for their required reading ever since school let out. If you place a hold on a book, it will cost .50 after the book arrives. Even if you never come in to pick up a book we called you about, you would still owe the .50 reserve fee, so keep that in mind.

Check out our online catalog to see what’s available, and remember that we do have ebooks and eaudiobooks as well, free of charge!


Call for Titles

13 Jun

Hey guys, in case you haven’t already read or heard about our two blog series as part of this summer’s Summer Reading Program, here’s some more info on one of them called “Summer Reading is Killing Me”!

We know you guys have required summer reading. And yes, we know today is your first official day of summer so the last thing you want to think about is school šŸ˜‰ But why not at least think about it, so you can get it done with and forget it the rest of summer! Because you’re at least sort of in the school mode now… it’ll probably be much harder in August to try to psych yourself up to get it done before school starts.

All we want you to do is let us know when you choose your books. Comment here or write them on the list in the Teen area of the library. [The sooner the better, because if you wait to let us know until the last minute, there’s no guaranteeĀ of the turnaround on getting the post up!] But if you let us know what title you’re going to do, Jen and I will create a blog post just for that title. Every post in the Summer Reading series will have the keyword tag of “Summer Reading is Killing Me”, so you can search by that or the author or title in the search area of the blog… however you want to find your title. [Or look at all of them to help you choose.]

Jen and I will post a short summary of the book, links to reviews and any online and in-library resources we can find if you need help understanding something in the book. But here’s the important part: We need your help!Ā If we create a post on The Freedom Writers, for example, and that’s what you read… then post a comment about the book. Something you learned or liked… or didn’t like. Or if you have a question, post that. Jen and I will try to answer, but what would be even more helpful is if you guys help each other!

So comment, come in… whatever, but let us know what you choose to read! And if you haven’t yet, subscribe [through RSS or the email subscription button to the right] or bookmark the blog so you can check back!

Good luck!