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Road Rash, Book Trailer

4 Sep

Where She Went, Review

3 Nov

Where She Went by Gayle Foreman (sequel to If I Stay)

Plot: This book takes place several years after the end of the first book, continuing Adam and Mia’s story from Adam’s point of view. Mia made the decision to stay, just not with Adam, and is making a living as a top-rated cellist. Adam is following his dream all over the country in a band, living the life of a rock star, but all the fame in the world does not mean he is happy.

When their careers take them both to New York, they cross paths for the first time since Mia left. What decision will they ultimately make regarding their future?

Would you recommend this book? Yes. Besides wanting to know what happened to the two of them after the conclusion of the first book, it was also nice to get to know Adam and what he had been going through from his point of view ever since the accident.

4 stars


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

4 Aug

Nick and Norah’s infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Plot: One night a bass player named Nick meets the daughter of a famous record producer and asks her to be his girlfriend for five minutes. This leads to five more, and suddenly they’re seeming more and more like a couple.

Would you recommend this book? No. Though this book is fast-paced and cleverly written, there’s far too much profanity in it to do anyone good.

3 stars


Where She Went, Book Trailer

25 Jul

*The sequel to If I Stay, which will soon be released on the big screen on August 22!

Never Fall Down, Book Trailer

26 Oct

One of five finalists for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature 2012.

The Host Playlist

14 Dec

Imagine your favorite book had a playlist to describe plot, characters or just the general “feel” of the book. And there you have a book playlist! Check out the one Stephenie Meyer created for her novel The Host!

The Host Playlist by Stephenie Meyer

Soul Meets Body — Death Cab for Cutie

Papercut — Linkin Park

Futurism — Muse

I Wasn’t Prepared — Eisley

Walking After You — Foo Fighters

Down In It — Nine Inch Nails

Blood — Editors

Pts. of Athrty — Linkin Park

Fortress Around Your Heart — Sting

The Ghost of You — My Chemical Romance

Because I Want You — Placebo

Stockholm Syndrome — Muse

As You Are — Travis

Smile Like You Mean It — The Killers

Don’t Stay — Linkin Park

Just Like You — Three Days Grace

Consolation Prizes — Phoenix

My Name Is Love — Rob Dickinson

The Hand That Feeds — Nine Inch Nails

My Body is a Cage — Arcade Fire

Rescued — Jack’s Mannequin

Original of the Species — U2

The Last Song — All-American Reject

Beautiful Day — U2

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