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The Faerie Door, Review

17 Sep

The Faerie Door by B.E. Maxwell

Plot: Elliot and Victoria, two ordinary children from two separate times, are called into the world of legends to retrieve certain powerful objects for the battle of good and evil.

I read this quite a while ago and hated it, but recently picked it up to try to understand it better. No such luck–I gave up on page 27. There were too many unecessary descriptions. Sometimes less is more. There were also too many plot holes. Why can’t the powerful faeries retrieve the orbs? Why must they send powerless human children instead?

I am bothered by Maxwell’s word choice. He repeats his descriptions, which could be resolved by using a thesaurus. Next is characters and reality. I understand flawed characters, but he has made one an idiot and one a selfish, egotictical brat with no character development. As for believability of scenes, there is no way anything would ever play out like this, in this world or any other.

Resolution of conflict. Arguably the most important part of a story, and it has been destroyed. One character’s resolution is so unbelievably stupid, and the other’s resolution is nonexistent, even though it seemed as if the plot was leading up to it the whole time. Another issue for me was loose ends. I came away from this book feeling quite confused. What happened? Where was the ending? Did good win after all? Was this the first book of a trilogy? Did someone forget to print the last ten chapters?

Would you recommend this book? No.

1 star



The Edwards Award

28 Jul

The  Margaret A. Edwards Award, more commonly known as the Edwards Award, was established in 1988 to honor an author and their specific body of work in YA literature. The 2012 winner is Susan Cooper for The Dark Is Rising Sequence.

Cooper incorporates Celtic and Arthurian mythology and world-building in a high stakes battle between good and evil, embodied in the coming of age journey of Will Stanton. This series chronicles his adventures as the last of the immortal Old Ones, as he acquires the Things of Power for the Light in its climactic battle with the Dark. This series was originally published between 1966 and 1977 and has remained an inspiration for many generations. (ala.org)

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