Our Latest Offering: Museum Passes!

8 Jun

Lower Macungie Library is now offering free admission passes to borrow to go to local museums! Adult patrons living in the East Penn School District (so if you’re under 18, ask your parent/guardian) can check out one pass at a time for one week. The passes available so far are for the Allentown Art Museum and America on Wheels.

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Maze Runner 3 Movie Delayed

31 May

Due to a stunt gone wrong, the third movie now won’t be released until 2018. Click below for more details!

Maze Runner 3 Delayed Until 2018 While Star Recovers

Stand-Off, Review

24 May

Stand-Off by Andrew Smith

Plot: This is the sequel to Winger. Ryan Dean is now a fifteen year old senior at Pine Mountain Boarding School. He is seeing how his relationship progresses with Annie Altman, as well as dealing with some leftover issues with Seanie and JP from the last year. A major hurdle Ryan Dean runs into is his new roommate Sam Abernathy. Sam is a twelve year old freshman with extreme claustrophobia, an addiction to microwave popcorn and the cooking channel, and seemingly no sense of how he is viewed by those around him.

There are also some serious changes on the rugby team after Joey’s absence that are hard for Ryan Dean to handle. Enter a chance meeting between him and Joey’s family that leaves Ryan Dean trying to connect with Joey’s younger brother Nico, short for Dominic. Ryan Dean also wonders what Joey may have wanted to tell him shortly before his passing, and whether or not he had told Nico.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, for older teens due to language and mature themes. The tone of the book was a little different than the first one. Ryan Dean had lost some of his young, innocent humor and was a bit more jaded and downright mean at times. However, there were still parts that made me laugh out loud, and it was nice to see some loose ends tied up.

4 stars


The Last Star

18 May

The highly anticipated third and final book…click for more information via Amazon!

Winger, Review

17 May

Winger by Andrew Smith

Plot: Ryan Dean West (Ryan Dean is his full first name, though he is known by the nickname Winger) is a 14-year-old junior at a rich boarding school called Pine Mountain. Placed into Opportunity Hall, a dorm for troublemakers, Ryan Dean is forced to room with Chas Becker, a popular but difficult person to get along with. Winger tries to maintain his friendships with fellow Rugby players Seanie and JP, but that does not always prove to be an easy task due to their age differences and female trouble.

Ryan Dean is trying to take things to the next level with his good friend Annie, while also dealing with not altogether unwelcome advances from Megan, who is dating Chas. He also forms an unlikely bond with another rugby player who takes a lot of heat from the other guys.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, for more mature audiences. There is a lot of bad language and adult themes. I like the fact that Ryan Dean is so honest as a narrator so you know exactly what he is thinking and feeling, and you’ll find yourself laughing out loud about some of what he encounters, and just his thoughts in general.  There is a surprise ending that I was most definitely not expecting. I look forward to reading the sequel to see what senior year has in store for Ryan Dean.

5 stars


Book Sale Today

7 May

The Friends of Lower Macungie Library’s Annual Spring Book Sale is being held today from 9am-4:30pm. All proceeds will benefit the library. There is a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction for all ages, as well as audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, as well as a few puzzles and games.

Most items are marked between $.50 and $2.00. If you come between 2:30pm-4:30pm you can purchase a bag for $5 and fill it with whatever you can fit.

We hope to see you later!

Lola and the Boy Next Door, Review

6 May

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Plot: This book touches upon many different topics–we have Lola who lives with her two dads, since her birth mother had to give her up when she was young due to some poor choices with alcohol and drugs. Lola is a free-spirited high school girl who never has the same look twice–always experimenting with different colors/styles of wigs, and different combinations of outfits. She is dating an older guy named Max, a rocker in a band, that her dads disapprove of despite him trying his best to show them he is a good guy each week at Sunday brunch.

Then there is the return of the neighbors who had lived there a while ago and then moved away and have now returned–Cricket and Calliope Bell. Lola struggles with her feelings for Cricket whom she had liked when they were younger, and her dislike of Calliope who was never Lola’s biggest fan.

Lola must see if she can handle becoming friends again with Cricket while still dating Max, maintain her friendship with her best friend, and also find who she truly is beyond all the costumes.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. You find yourself rooting for Lola to make the right choice.

4 stars