What We Saw, Review

8 Jul

What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler

*WARNING: Explicit content in this book, for mature audiences only

Plot: This story begins the day after a wild party at John Doone’s house where alcohol and bad judgment were widespread, and Kate is trying to piece together what happened. She is able to figure out that her good friend Ben whom she’s had a crush on for years drove her home in her car since she was unable to do so. At school the next day, the party is all anybody could talk about. After a couple of days, John Doone and three other star basketball players are apprehended by the police based on an accusation by a student who claims she was sexually assaulted by the guys at the party.

Since Stacey is known for being fairly promiscuous, students and teachers alike are finding it hard to believe that their beloved basketball stars could have done anything wrong, and that Stacey must have just been feeling regret from bad decisions at the party. There is talk of a video having circulated among some students, but the police are unable to locate it.

Kate and Ben begin dating and their relationship is tested since Kate feels Ben may know more about what happened at the party after she left than he is letting on. It begins to feel like only a handful of people are asking themselves “What if Stacey is telling the truth?” instead of just assuming that she’s not. Kate decides to do some digging to see if she can uncover the truth about what happened at John Doone’s party.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. I was often angry at the reactions of people in the town, but I suppose that is unfortunately an honest portrayal of many similar situations.

4 stars



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