Lola and the Boy Next Door, Review

6 May

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Plot: This book touches upon many different topics–we have Lola who lives with her two dads, since her birth mother had to give her up when she was young due to some poor choices with alcohol and drugs. Lola is a free-spirited high school girl who never has the same look twice–always experimenting with different colors/styles of wigs, and different combinations of outfits. She is dating an older guy named Max, a rocker in a band, that her dads disapprove of despite him trying his best to show them he is a good guy each week at Sunday brunch.

Then there is the return of the neighbors who had lived there a while ago and then moved away and have now returned–Cricket and Calliope Bell. Lola struggles with her feelings for Cricket whom she had liked when they were younger, and her dislike of Calliope who was never Lola’s biggest fan.

Lola must see if she can handle becoming friends again with Cricket while still dating Max, maintain her friendship with her best friend, and also find who she truly is beyond all the costumes.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. You find yourself rooting for Lola to make the right choice.

4 stars


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