The Gun, Review

8 Sep

The Gun by Paul Langan

Plot: Tyray is the typical school bully – he takes lunch money, threatens other students, and generally wants to be seen as a tough guy. This behavior is learned from growing up in a house with an abusive father. Tyray’s reputation at school is challenged when Darrell Mercer, a new student, stands up to Tyray, resulting in Tyray breaking his arm (which is a physical reminder of him being challenged). Tyray dislikes how little respect he gets from classmates, despite the positive attention he receives from Lark (who would be his girlfriend, but Tyray abuses her trust, much like his father does with his mother). In order to regain his status as the toughest guy in school, Tyray believes he needs a gun, despite knowing that this is exactly what landed his brother in prison.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, though I would not read any others in the Bluford series myself. It is, however, a good example of typical urban fiction.

3 stars



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