The DUFF, Review

27 Jul

The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Plot: Bianca learns from Wesley, the most popular and sought after boy in school (that she can’t stand) that she is the DUFF among her beautiful friends: Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This hurts her to learn this new term, but in a fit of insanity she ends up kissing Wesley to forget about her problems at home. They engage in a friends with benefits situation that she keeps private from her friends as she outwardly still tells everybody that she hates him.

Like all decent arrangements, things eventually come to an upsetting end as Bianca tries to deal with issues with her parents that are beyond her comfort level. Enter Toby, the boy Bianca has had a crush on for years. Though outwardlt perfect, is he the right guy for Bianca?

Would you recommend this book? I would recommend it for older teens as there are a lot of issues with sex and alcohol. This was recently turned into a movie that is very different from the book.

4 stars



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