Saint Anything, Review

1 Jun

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Plot: Sydney’s life turns upside down when her old brother Peyton starts going down a bad path and ends up in jail. Her mother hardly has time to think about anything else, and her dad is busy trying to keep her mom sane. Sydney changes schools and meets a new group of friends including Layla and her cute older brother Mac, whose family owns the nearby Seaside Pizza.

Sydney keeps on the straight and narrow, but it all goes largely unnoticed by her family. Her brother’s friend Ames is around a little too much for Sydney’s taste, but her parents don’t see anything wrong with that. Sydney and Mac eventually start to get a little bit closer together, but around the same time a misunderstanding causes Sydney to finally get noticed by her mother and grounded, so it’s hard to see their relationship develop. Another issue revolves around Sydney trying to come to terms with the bad things her brother has done, and maintain her old friendships while cultivating her new ones.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. Though I would have liked to see more happen between Sydney and Mac. I thought that was just as important a plot point as Sydney’s struggles with her family.

4 stars



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