Forgive My Fins, Review

18 May

Forgive My Fins by T.L. Childs

Plot: Lily never quite felt like she completely fit in as the mermaid princess of Thalassinia, so when she learns that she is half mermaid and half human (her father is a mermaid king, and her mother was a human,) she knows she needs to try experiencing life on land too. Lily moves in with her aunt and attends high school, trying to fit in as a normal teen. But the rules on land are different than the rules in the sea, and Lily constantly feels like, well, a fish out of water.
Lily has a master plan to get Brody, the star of the swim team, to fall in love with her. But competing for the affections of the most popular boy in school is hard. It’s even harder when the obnoxious boy-next-door Quince keeps interfering with her plans. Quince takes his joking a little too far one night, not knowing that he has ensnared himself in a problem bigger than the biggest fishing net. Lily and Quince have to visit Thalassinia to try to stop what is put into play. Will Lily and Quince be able to right their wrong? And will Lily ever be able to capture the affections of her true love? Will Lily choose to rule under the sea, or return to school on land?

Would you recommend this book? Yes.This was such a fun read! There was high school angst and drama, family drama, romance, and such a fantastic chemistry between Lily and Quince.

4 stars



One Response to “Forgive My Fins, Review”

  1. bluejaybooks May 18, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

    I read this book during a time period when I went on a spree of reading pretty much any book containing mermaids. This one was so much fun, glad to find someone with similar sentiments!

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