The Water Castle, Review

5 May

The Water Castle by M.F. Blakemore

Plot: The Water Castle has two different settings. First, the main storyline is set in an old house (nicknamed the Water Castle) in Crystal Springs, Maine in present day. The secondary storyline takes place in the same physical setting, but during the years 1908-1909. It is important for the reader to know which of the two time periods is being discussed, so the publisher presents the historical storyline in pages which are edged with gray. Although the time period is important (specifically the concept of “then” and “now” in terms of events being recounted), the physical setting is integral to the plot. Both the town of Crystal Springs and the Water Castle itself are said to have magical properties, and without this element of magic, the rest of the story would be impossible. I really enjoyed this book when I first started reading it. The characters were cute and likeable, and I enjoyed how the story bounced between two time periods. But I felt it fell a little flat towards the end, and it quickly lost my interest. In general, I dislike endings that simply sum things up with “magic” – I want more of an explanation. But it was a charming read, and I would be open to reading another title by Blakemore. I would especially like to read her teen title to see how she crafts a story for an older audience.

Would you recommend this book? Yes

3 stars



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