It’s National Poetry Month!

8 Apr

Maybe you’re a fan of poetry, or maybe you think it’s totally boring, but we have some books here in the library that fall under the category of “poetry” that you may not have even realized!

Why not try reading a novel in verse? This is a type of poetry that is novel length, but the story is told through poetry rather than prose. So instead of your normal paragraphs and full pages, you will see shorter verses that don’t quite fill each line of the page fully, and they don’t necessarily rhyme either. But this different type of structure helps the book flow easily. I usually forget I am even reading poetry when I read a novel in verse.

One really popular verse author is Ellen Hopkins, who writes primarily about teenage struggles with drugs and mental illness. Some other popular authors who have written novels in verse include Sonya Sones, David Leviathan, Virginia Euwer Wolff, and Walter Dean Myers.

This month I will highlight different verse authors for you to check out. I recently read one that I really enjoyed about a girl who gets hit in the head in gym class and thinks she died and went to heaven…which actually looks a lot like the mall. Join her as she relives some of her greatest memories and some not so great ones that she’d rather forget. Did she really die? See for yourself in Heaven Looks A Lot Like the Mall by Wendy Mass.

Wendy Mass

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