Feed, Review

30 Mar

Feed by M.T. Anderson

Plot: In the future, the Earth has been depleted of many of its natural resources and is slowly dying. Humans have opened up space travel and have colonized on the moon. Nearly everyone on Earth is linked to “the feed,” which helps people make decisions about what they eat, buy, and think.

During a recreational trip to the moon, Titus is drawn to Violet. They become closer friends after suffering from a hacker attack while in a club on the moon. Violet’s feed is severely damaged during this attack, likely because she received the feed much later than other people (because her family wanted to avoid being connected). Titus and Violet continue their relationship when they return to Earth. Violet’s problems with her feed become more severe. As it becomes more apparent that Violet will not be able to live with a damaged feed, Violet turns to Titus to help maintain her memories.

Violet tries to open Titus’s eyes to the serious problems (both political and environmental) that are happening on Earth, but Titus is scared to leave the safety of his mainstream, feed-fed world. As the feed causes Violet’s body to shut down, Titus gets scared and begins to ignore her. What will happen to Violet with Titus not around to help her?

Would you recommend this book? Yes.This book took a long time for me to get into, mostly because of the slang language and the science fiction nature. However, I did enjoy it in the end. It offers some great lessons in letting convenience and technology play too large of a role in our lives. Although more time was spent on discussing the feed itself, I was very interested in the state of the Earth. Technological advances are often looked at as a benefit to society, but there are definite repercussions in the manufacturing and use of these technologies. Feed highlights how dangerous this can be to both humankind and the Earth.

3 stars


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