Monument 14: Savage Drift, Review

12 Jan

Monument 14: Savage Drift, Review (Monument 14, Book 3)

Plot: This is the third and final book in the trilogy. The Monument 14 have escaped the disaster zone and made it to a Canadian refugee camp. Some of the kids have reunited with their families and are starting to make some plans for the future.

Niko’s family has a farm where he has invited all of them to go, but then Niko learns that Josie is alive at another camp and decides to try to rescue her from poor conditions. The government is a little too interested in Josie and her pregnancy, so she decides to leave with Dean and Jake to try to get to safety with Niko.

Will they make it to Josie before it’s too late? Where will they all end up?

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

4 stars




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