Let It Snow, Review

29 Dec

Let It Snow by Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle, and John Green

Plot: This is a collection of three short holiday stories that have different sets of characters, but all three stories are weaved together in the end.

In the first story by Johnson, a girl named Jubilee is having a bad Christmas Eve when she finds out some unfortunate news about her parents and needs to take a train to her grandparents, therefore causing her to miss the holiday party at her boyfriend’s house. When her train gets derailed, she meets a new group of people and begins to wonder if everything at home is as great as it seems.

In the second story by Green, a group of three friends decide during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve to try to drive to Waffle House to meet up with a friend that works there and a group that has had it’s train derailed (from the first story.) Their adventures trying to get to Waffle House are at times funny but also somewhat dangerous.

In the third story by Myracle, a girl who has been jilted by her ex whom she is trying to get back together with on Christmas Eve is totally depressed and is thwarting the efforts of her friends to cheer her up. Upset that she is called self-absorbed by many people, she promises to do one of her friends an important favor the next morning, but will she remember in time before everything gets screwed up?

Would you recommend this book? Yes. Though at times the events of the stories seem far-fetched, if you just view it as a quick set of stories of holiday cheer and try not to read too much into it, you will probably find it to be quite enjoyable.

4 stars



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