Monument 14: Sky on Fire, Review

15 Dec

Monument 14: Sky on Fire by Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14, Book 2)

Plot: In this second book in a trilogy, Dean, Astrid, and some of the kids  stayed in the superstore rather than get on the bus with Alex, Niko, and the others.

There is a surprising return of one of the original Monument 14 to the superstore that gets Dean a little riled up as he is trying to get closer to Josie. Alex and the others who left are trying to get to Denver International Airport to get to safety, and run into some people they were not expecting. Their goal is to get to the airport and then get help sent back to the superstore, but will everybody still be in the store when they arrive back?

This book is told in alternating viewpoints as you follow the group who left the store as well as the group who stayed in the store, so it helps to keep the story flowing and is therefore a quick read.

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

4 stars




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