Monument 14, Review

24 Nov

Monument 14 by: Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14: Book 1)

Plot: This is a dystopian novel set a few decades into the future, where many things have gone electronic. The novel begins with a group of high schoolers on the bus on the way to school. All of a sudden, softball-sized hail begins to fall from the sky. The bus driver loses control and crashes them into a Greenway Superstore parking lot (think Costco or Sam’s Club.) Another school bus full of elementary school students have just arrived in the lot and their teacher (Mrs. Wooly) drives the bus into the store itself to get them to safety, then comes back to get the high schoolers.

Mrs. Wooly then leaves to try to get help, and the students are all sealed in the store after they close up around the school bus. When they realize Mrs. Wooly may not be coming back, they have to learn to try to survive inside the store with just each other and the store’s resources.

They also have problems to deal with in the outside world as people try to get into the store and also with some chemical compounds in the air that are affecting people differently based on blood type.

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

4 stars



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