The Eleventh Plague, Review

20 Oct

The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch

Plot: This book is about a world that was wrecked by a virus with a name shortened to P11, or the Eleventh Plague. In the beginning of the book I was under the impression that this took place a few years ago, but I came to realize later that the it happened before the main character Stephen (a young teenager) was even born.He and his dad are Salvagers, people who are on the move, taking whatever they can to survive and try to find a better life somewhere.

When an accident befalls Stephen’s dad, he meets up with another group of people and must decide whether or not to trust them and go with them to their town. This book is about learning to trust, deciding whether to settle down or keep moving, and survival.

Would you recommend this book? Yes and no. At the same time that it was a quick read and somewhat entertaining, I felt like the book began right in the middle without enough explanation of what was going on, and this plot is being done so much lately that authors really need to come up with something new to make readers want to pick up the book.

3 stars




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