Crossed, Review

14 Oct

Crossed by Ally Condie (Matched, Book 2)

Plot: This book is the second in a trilogy about a society where you are matched with another person in a database that you are deemed to be compatible with. Cassia thinks it’s perfect that she is paired with her best friend Xander, until another face, an acquaintance named Ky, appears on the screen as well. She is told it’s a glitch, but does it mean something more?

This second installment takes place after Cassia has decided to head to the Outer Provinces to find Ky. The story is told in alternating chapters in Cassia’s point of view and then Ky’s. You see her turmoil as she struggles to gather information on Ky’s whereabouts while also trying not to hurt Xander, who is hiding a secret from Cassia.

You get to know Ky a little better as you see him trying to find Cassia. They each have to decide if they want to return to Society or if they want to become a part of the revolution against it. Each decision comes with its own set of positives and negatives. What will they ultimately choose?

Would you recommend this book? Yes. I didn’t find it to be overly suspenseful; I certainly wasn’t on the edge of my seat wondering what was coming next. But it’s a quick read, and I’ve invested enough time in it by now to want to know what will happen in the conclusion.

3 stars



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