Panic, Review

6 Oct

Panic by Lauren Oliver

Plot: In a poor, small town, a game exists called Panic that is played by graduating seniors. Though everybody knows about the game, it is widely denied to all parents, adults and other authority figures. There are two judges of the game who are kept secret to all the players. Not only do they judge performance in daring tasks, but they also create the tasks themselves, sometimes tailored specifically to a person’s fears.

Heather never thought she’d find herself competing in Panic, but the stakes are high and there is much to gain for the winner. Classmate Dodge has always planned on competing in Panic, due to some secrets he is unwilling to share.

Would you recommend this book? Yes. It is suspenseful as you watch the events of the game unfold. Partway through you will probably have a suspicion about some of what is not being stated, but it was interesting to see if I was right.

4 stars





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