The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay, Review

28 Apr

The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay by Rebecca Sparrow

Plot: This was a fast read. The title drew me in because I wanted to know who this Nick person was…was it good or bad that he was coming to stay? And stay where?

The book takes place in Australia in 1989. Be prepared for references and expressions that are a bit outdated and will sometimes make you cringe. I wonder why the book was set so long ago since it was published in 2006, but maybe there was a delay in it getting over to the US.

There are all sorts of rumors flying around about Nick McGowan, one of the hottest guys at the school where Rachel and her best friend Zoe attend.

Rachel’s dad does the unthinkable and invites Nick to stay with their family since he needs a place to stay during the school year. Rachel can’t think of anything worse than having to share a house with a guy she hardly knows, especially in light of all the rumors that are flying around about him and the crazy stuff he has done.

Would you recommend this book? Yes and no. It is short so you certainly won’t be spending too much time on it, but I felt the author could have done so much more with it. You eventually get to find out whether or not the rumors about Nick are true, but not until close to the end. I feel Rachel spends a lot of time being hostile toward Nick for no real reason, and you never really get any romance angle at any point, which could have made the plot so much more interesting.

3 stars


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