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Janie Face to Face, Book Trailer

20 Dec

It all began with The Face on the Milk Carton…now you can finally read the conclusion to this romance/mystery series.

Download to your eReader for FREE!

20 Dec

Have you been keeping up with Pretty Little Liars? Do you want to get a real taste for some of the food Katniss and Peeta like to eat? Or maybe what you really need to know are the top ten lessons for surviving a zombie attack.

You can borrow all of these books for free on your eReader or with a mobile app. Thanks to generous donations from our patrons, over $2,200 worth of  teen books have been added to the collection this year alone!


What you need to know:

-It’s free. Check out up to 4 books at a time and you will never get any late fees. The books automatically expire at the end of the checkout period.

-Don’t worry if a book is checked out. You can add yourself to the waiting list and receive an email when it’s available.

Just have your library card handy and click here to get started.