The Great Santini

2 Aug

The Great Santini

Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham.  He’s all Marine — fighter pilot, king of the  clouds, and absolute ruler of his family. Lillian is his  wife — beautiful, southern-bred, with a core of  velvet steel. Without her cool head, her kids would  be in real trouble. Ben is the oldest, a born  athlete whose best never satisfies the big man. Ben’s  got to stand up, even fight back, against a father  who doesn’t give in — not to his men, not to his  wife, and certainly not to his son. Bull Meecham  is undoubtedly Pat Conroy’s most explosive  character — a man you should hate, but a man you will love.

Find other readers’ reviews of The Great Santini on Amazon and Goodreads. This student wrote up a review for her high school English class, discussing a lot of things you may find helpful for when you get back to school.  This review on Amazon discusses how the book is Conroy’s most autobiographical. Another reviewer mentions some of the themes of the book:
The book not only confronted the issues of a family trying to meet the impossibly high standards of their Marine father, it also confronted the issue of racism in the south. There were many complicated emotional issues in the book. A lot of them do not get resolved, but it was the kind of book that makes you think for a while after you have finished it.’s search results might help you find some information like character lists and analysis; themes, motifs & symbols; study questions and essay topics to think about (might give you a heads up on what your teachers may ask!) But resist the urge to use it as a shortcut… it’s just an aid! If you don’t read, your teachers will find out 😉


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