The Pregnancy Project, Review

9 Apr

The Pregnancy Project by Gaby Rodriguez

Plot: This is the true story of a girl named Gaby, told in her own voice, and how she fought against stereotypes in her life and her community. Growing up in a household with seven siblings, most of whom became teenage parents, Gaby quickly came to realize this was not the life she wanted for herself. In an effort to teach a lesson about stereotypes to others, Gaby got permission to fake her own pregnancy for her senior project. This was hid from mainly everybody including her siblings and her boyfriend’s parents. This was one of the hardest things she ever experienced, dealing with the stares and the whispers, as well as people’s comments that made it back to her via her friend who knew her secret. Near the end of the school year she presented her project in front of the whole school and revealed the truth.

Gaby’s message was that you can fight against the stereotypes of what people and yourself think you will amount to in life, and become something better. Also, you can choose to be the person to reach out to somebody in need of a friend, such as a pregnant teenager, rather than talking behind her back or looking down on her. Everybody thought that with so many of her siblings becoming teenage parents, Gaby would inevitably end up in the same situation,  but they were shown otherwise. Her project became the topic of national media attention, and became a movie on Lifetime as well. I think Gaby presented a great project that took a lot of courage, and she did a good job of explaining her background and what made her want to do this.

Would you recommend this book? Yes.

5 stars



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